Aerial Visibility. High-Quality Images & Videos. Customizable Packages.


With TrueLook’s Drone Services, you can now easily capture every angle of your jobsite, from the air or the ground. Choose a single flight mission to document the finished project – or choose one of our routine flight missions for more detailed progress tracking. All videos and images are made available in your TrueLook account.

What Do You Get?

Each drone mission captures 20–30 photos with shots from every cardinal direction, bird’s-eye views, panoramas, and various additional marketing shots. Plus, you’ll receive 15–20 30-second video clips showing a flyover of your whole jobsite.

Why Use TrueLook Drone Services?

Our drone services are a hassle-free way to get high-resolution images and video covering every angle of your jobsite. We also have a nationwide network of drone pilots that are fully-insured, FAA Certified, and ready to document your jobsite.

Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1: Choose your customizable drone package
  • Step 2: Schedule your mission(s) with one of our qualified pilots
  • Step 3: View your images/videos in the TrueLook platform

Our pilots are:

  • FAA approved to fly for commercial purposes
  • Insured
  • Vetted for professionalism
  • Bound by strict safety guidelines
Drone Camera

Contact TrueLook to schedule your drone mission.