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Case Study

How AMResorts Increased Web Traffic

AMResorts, a provider of sales and marketing management services for exclusive resort properties, manages over 30 resorts across five distinct brands. With a strong online presence and loyal customer base, AMResorts sought to keep customers connected and engaged by providing timely updates and live views from their properties. They implemented TrueLook Cameras, chosen for their excellent customer service, competitive pricing, and high-quality images. 

The Cameras delivered over 16.5 million images in 2011, driving web traffic and user engagement. TrueLook’s social sharing features allowed easy sharing of images, spreading interest in the resorts through social connections. The cameras also offered a weather widget, zoom controls, and the ability to create online photo albums. AMResorts expanded their camera installations in 2012 and continues to experience growing website traffic as more users visit to view the resorts’ beauty.

Project Goals:

  • Maintain a strong connection with customers by keeping them engaged with the resorts.
  • Provide timely updates from the properties to meet customers’ expectations.
  • Enable customers to view current beach conditions for trip planning purposes.
  • Address customers’ concerns about beach conditions and potential damage during storms.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction by offering reliable and up-to-date information about the properties.

The Results:

  • Over 16.5 million images were delivered to web viewers in 2011 through TrueLook Cameras.
  • Camera views have significantly increased web traffic and user engagement for the resorts.
  • TrueLook’s built-in social sharing feature allows easy sharing of images to Facebook and Twitter, organically spreading interest in the resorts.
  • The weather widget allows customers to see real-time weather conditions at the resorts.
  • Simple click-and-drag controls enable viewers to zoom in and explore specific details of the images.