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Case Study

Harbourgate Marina

Harbourgate Marina installed a TrueLook Camera to enhance its offerings and attract boat owners and transient boaters. The camera provided boat owners with the ability to remotely monitor their boats, check on them during inclement weather or maintenance work, and offered unique interactive features. It also served as a valuable advertising tool for special events and allowed visitors to preview marina conditions. The camera became an integral part of the marina’s marketing efforts and contributed to its recognition as the “Best Marina in The Grand Strand.

Project Goals:

  • Harbourgate Marina aims to enhance the experience for boat owners by providing additional services or features that meet their needs and exceed their expectations.
  • The marina wants to position itself as an appealing destination for transient boaters, offering amenities and services that would encourage them to choose Harbourgate Marina over other local marinas.
  • Strives to differentiate itself from other marinas in the area by offering unique and exceptional experiences, facilities, and services that set it apart as a top-choice destination for boaters.

The Results:

  • Harbourgate’s customers now have access to unique features such as 360-degree control and optical zooming, setting it apart from other marinas.
  • Visitors can view marina conditions and attractions before arriving, making Harbourgate Marina a more appealing destination compared to its competitors.
  • The TrueLook Camera is a valuable advertising tool for special events held at the marina, attracting more attendees.
  • Boaters can provide live pictures to their friends and relatives, enhancing communication and sharing experiences.
  • Marina management utilizes the camera to track boat departures through timed shots, providing useful information on boat activity.
  • The camera has contributed to the growth and recognition of Harbourgate Marina, which was voted “Best Marina in The Grand Strand” for three consecutive years.