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5 Key Trends That’ll Have a Significant Impact on Construction in 2021


The year 2020 was challenging for everyone. While most construction continued despite nation-wide shelter-in-place orders, firms had to adjust to new safety requirements, CDC recommendations, disrupted supply chains, and economic volatility.

Still, there’s optimism for the future. There are plans to invest more than a trillion dollars into the economy, which will hopefully create opportunities for more jobs in the construction industry. As we head into 2021, the “new normal” will look somewhat different, and many of the trends that have been building momentum over the past year or two will accelerate.

In this ebook, we examine five trends that stand to have the most impact on construction firms and their clients in the new year:

  1. Acceleration of Digital Transformation
  2. Data and AI Take Center Stage
  3. Drones, Robots and Sensors Converge on the Jobsite
  4. Focus on Sustainability
  5. Social Focus for Leadership