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Premium Time-Lapses

Looking to get the most out of your time-lapse footage? TrueLook’s new Premium Time-Lapses can show proof of your firm’s abilities, attract potential clients, and more. Professional editors will create stunning videos using the high-definition time-lapse images captured by your TrueLook Camera. These videos are then customized with your logo, background music, and facts about your project. Plus, the best images of your project are hand-selected, color corrected, and enhanced with visual effects.

And don’t worry — we’re still offering our unlimited AI-generated time-lapses, included with every camera. Contact your TrueLook Account Executive today to order your premium time-lapse.

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Strobes and Sirens

Now, not only can your site be monitored by trained professionals, but flashing lights and booming sirens can be used to deter criminals before they act. Get complete, trusted jobsite protection by combining strobes and sirens with Jobsite Surveillance.

Current customers with Fixed 4K IR or 1080p IR PTZ cameras can reach out to their TrueLook representative for information about upgrading existing cameras.

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Jobsite Surveillance Now on 1080p IR PTZ

Jobsite Surveillance combines our Intelligent Motion Alerts with a team of trained monitoring professionals to provide you with an added layer of security. Now you can choose to add Jobsite Surveillance to our Fixed 4K IR Camera or our 1080p IR PTZ. Plus, you can add strobes and sirens to these cameras for complete, trusted jobsite protection.

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TrueLook’s Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras give you 360° visibility and remote control of your camera, so you can capture every angle of your jobsite. We now offer three PTZ models: 1080p, 4K, and 4K IR. The new 4K IR PTZ Camera has similar specifications to our existing 4K PTZ but offers built-in infrared technology for clear visuals any time of the day or night.

Jobsite Surveillance

Jobsite Surveillance is the most recent addition to our Intelligent Security Solution. Jobsite Surveillance combines our Intelligent Motion Alerts with human verification to provide project managers, superintendents, and other jobsite managers with complete, trusted jobsite protection.

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New User Interface

In May 2022, we rolled out an updated version of our platform that introduced a more modern and sophisticated UI (user interface) built around how our users are currently using our platform.

More specially, we refreshed the look and overall feel, reduced the clicks needed to get to the most used features, and improved the usability of our time-lapsing and security recording features.

Streamlined Navigation

We have swapped our previous hamburger-style menu for a breadcrumb menu. This new menu style reveals the user’s location within the application and helps them easily navigate to other pages with one click.

Dashboard Enhancements

If a customer has multiple cameras, they can now favorite cameras they view most frequently and those cameras will stay pinned to the top of the dashboard.

Also, there is now direct access to camera settings from the dashboard, so users can easily access and change camera settings for each camera without leaving the dashboard. Additionally, a floating toolbar option is now available on the camera view, so users can easily access these options from their dashboard.

Time-Lapsing Usability Improvements

Our time-lapsing page has been completely refreshed. Users can now easily filter between running, pausing, and completed time-lapses. Additionally, users can see details of each time-lapse upon hovering over the main image. We’ve also added a floating toolbar on the time-lapse image, so users can quickly pause, edit and re-render time-lapses.

Intelligent Security Recordings Usability Improvements

Our Intelligent Security page has been redesigned to better serve the needs of our customers. Users now have a calendar view that shows available remote and fetched recordings by date. Additionally, users can see the number of motion alerts captured in the security recording, this number is highlighted in red. We’ve also added the capability to share and download security recordings directly from the main recordings page.

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