Save Time on Your Construction Camera Installation

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There are lots of ways you could “save the day” on a construction site; one of the easiest ways is to install a construction camera that can track jobsite progress, catch mistakes before they become costly holdups, provide jobsite security and record all jobsite activity.

One of the product features TrueLook so highly touts is the turnkey setup of all our cameras. This means easy construction camera installation: the cameras are ready to mount right out of the box; just unpack it, mount it, plug it in and you’re ready to go! While there’s no special expertise required to get everything running, there are some things you can do to save some time on your construction camera installation and setup.

Construction Camera Installation

Plan ahead for where you will mount your camera. TrueLook cameras come with wall and pole mounting hardware. If you plan to mount your camera somewhere other than a wall or a pole, your TrueLook representative can help you select the best type of hardware for your site. Talk to your rep about this when you order your camera so you will have it ready for setup.

Before you begin, if you are installing a 110V camera, make sure that you have power to the site! Once you install, if the camera isn’t working, double check the power. Is the breaker on? Has it been tripped? You would be surprised how many customer service calls we get where the solution is literally as simple as the flip of a switch.

Some tools are needed for construction camera installation. Plan ahead and have the following ready:

  • Socket set (SAE)
  • Drill + adapter to power a socket with a drill (this is not required, but gets the job done a lot faster)
  • Heavy duty cutters to cut off excess strap length (this is optional)
  • If your camera requires a Torx driver, it will be included with the camera, however if you are reinstalling, make sure you bring them along to the next job site
    • T-30 for the 4k PTZ camera
    • T–10 and T-20 for the 4k Interior camera
  • For solar panels, you will need to have hardware appropriate to your mounting surface (example: lag bolts or long mounting straps if you are mounting to a utility pole or u-bolts appropriate to size of pole)
  • FYI: The solar battery is a completely toolless installation

Cameras can be installed by one person, but sometimes it’s helpful to have an extra set of hands nearby. You will definitely want a second set of hands for solar installs. Solar panels are large and can be cumbersome, plus the batteries are quite heavy.

From there, simply follow the directions in the installation manual that came with your camera. If you have misplaced the manual, manuals (as well as other installation resources) are always available at

Since our cameras can be accessed easily on your smartphone, tablet, or computer from wherever you are, whenever you need them, once the camera is mounted and receiving power, hop into the app while you are on-site and make sure everything is pointed in the right direction, angled appropriately, etc. This is a particularly good practice if you are installing a fixed camera, since you set it up once, and then the field of view does not change unless you physically move the camera. PTZ cameras have a bit more flexibility with the view, as you can set views from the dashboard.

Ease of Relocation

When you’re done with your project, simply contact TrueLook to turn off your camera and stop the billing process. With TrueLook’s unlimited, Free Forever Storage you will always have access to your project data, photos and videos, even if you’re not currently paying for service. When you’re ready for your next project, install the camera on your next jobsite, contact us, and we’ll reactivate it for you—with no reactivation fees.

Want to make your next installation even easier? Consider a rugged, hard case for your cameras. It will keep cameras safe between jobs and during transit, plus the case is a great place to keep those Torx drivers that otherwise could be easily misplaced.

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